Working Life

What is it like working at Cogito?

Working at Cogito

Cogito Head Office is located in the heart of Bristol, Queen Square, a magnificent Georgian park area, surrounded by trees and cobbled streets. Bristol is a thriving city with a diverse culture, a plethora of restaurants, clubs and bars to choose from, including some quirky venues with a nautical theme to tie in with the city’s ‘floating harbour’.

Areas of work you can get involved in

People Insights

We blend people data and research with strategic expertise to empower organisation leaders to make fact-based people decisions which improves performance and achieves business goals.

Hiring Intelligence

We work with businesses who want to make a significant impact and long lasting change to ‘who’ and ‘how’ they recruit.

Sales & Marketing

Our Marketing team are constantly striving to improve our digital presence through social media and website enhancement so the sales team has a consistent pipeline of warm leads to work with.

Employer Branding

Our team of experienced, award-winning employer branding specialists bring organisations end-to-end expertise in helping to create an authentic, attractive and differentiated employer brand.

Transformational Strategy

Our dedicated team of experts will work with businesses to develop and support a transformational plan including key milestones with a return upon investment that will inspire the way our clients attracts and engage talent to drive businesses forward.

“I value the people in my team a lot because we get on so well. They’re not just colleagues, we are also friends outside of work as well. So, that and the work combined is really rewarding”

Francesca Lewton

Lead Research Consultant

Career Development

Jack is a great example of how you can grow at Cogito. Jack joined from university as a Researcher, from here he progressed to Lead Research Consultant and more recently took on the role as Solutions Lead in the Hiring Intelligence department.

Jack Grierson

Solutions Lead

We believe in work-life balance

The world has changed and as a global team, we welcome a hybrid working environment to suit everyone’s individual needs. We care about enabling our team to deliver their best and believe open conversations and hybrid working makes for a more productive workforce.

Mental Health First Aider

Our employee’s well-being is paramount at Cogito and we are extremely thankful for our dedicated Mental Health First Aider, Kirk Shortland who is available to all team members to provide support and understanding.


Graduates & Internships

Benefits & Wellbeing

We are always striving to make good choices and changes when we can and believe in empowering our employees to drive positive impact.

As part of the Cogito Team, you will have the chance to get involved in one of our groups: CSR corporate social responsibility, Benefits & Wellbeing or Graduate Internships.

Q1 2021 Team Celebration

International Women’s day!

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements. The theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias and asks the world to expose examples of bias against women in the workplace, at school, and home. In celebration of this global event, we asked our female employees to share their experience of working as a woman at Cogito. Read on for inspiration!

What is it like to work at Cogito as a woman?

Isabel, Resourcer

“I feel equal to others and empowered by a gender-diverse workplace as a woman”


Dani, L&D Lead

“I’m in a great place now, from a work/life balance perspective. The flexibility, trust, and empowerment I’ve felt since joining Cogito has been so refreshing and has had such a positive impact on not just me but my whole family”


Harriet, Researcher

“I always feel I’m supported by men and women at Cogito. We have both great women and male leaders; this balance is essential. There are no barriers here; everyone is pushed and provided with opportunities”


Alexandra, Resourcer

“I have been listened to. When I came with an idea that I thought may work, they gave me the green light to it without underestimating me”


Chloe, Communications Executive

“I’m new to the Cogito team, but after having a bit of time out of the workplace to have my children, they were so welcoming!”

Who is your female hero and why?

“My female hero is all women fighting for our rights, recognition, and equality”

“I will always admire our female ancestors and suffragettes who fought for us all to draw attention to inequality and lead the powerful feminist movement that exists today”         

 “I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan and I think she’s a shining example of how a strong feminist in a powerful and public position can change the world! Her work with disadvantaged youths is one of the things I admire the most, her charity Born This Way Foundation, supports young people in the mental health space and does vital work to ensure young people are safe in crisis. Outside of that she has raised more than 250 million dollars for LBTQ+, HIV and other important charities. She is just incredible!”          

“Jessica Ennis Hill is an inspirational women athlete who has overcome challenges on the World stage, e.g. injury and pregnancy”            

 “My mom raised a child by herself, never missing a day of work. She always made sure I had everything that I needed or wanted, took me around the world, and gave me the best education she could”

“Coco Chanel! As a lover of fashion, I admire that she completely changed women’s clothes and what women want to wear. I, unfortunately, don’t own any Chanel, but it would be a dream to get my hands on a handbag”           

“Jacinda Ardern, because she is working in an environment that is still predominantly male, especially at that level. She has openly challenged women’s positions within the workplace and even demonstrated this by taking her baby into a formal workplace setting”

Join us on our journey of collaboration, inclusion, growth and creativity, supported by resources that make a difference to our clients.