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We’re here to make sure your employer brand isn’t launched with a bang, but then left to wither on the vine.

Measurable Results And A Sustainable Legacy

Many employer branding businesses have a “win the project, do the work, get out quick” approach to working with their clients.

Our aim is to help you get your employer brand up and running. But more than this, we want you to be able to be able to maintain and develop it to its full potential, with increasing levels of self-sufficiency. That’s why, in addition to our brand research and development services, we also provide ongoing performance metrics and consultative guidance through our unique data reporting platform. Also working closely with recognised industry experts to provide online courses and workshop-based coaching to help develop your Recruiter and Hiring Managers. into Employer Branding experts.

We build successful brands and help to create teams that maintain that success.

Once we have delivered your employer brand toolkit and assets, we’ll then hand things over to you.

We’ll help launch and embed the brand internally and externally through CREATIVE, BRAND ADVOCACY WORKSHOPS and online training courses.

Courses and Sustainability Training

We want to ensure that once we depart, you are fully trained and equipped to ensure that your brand continues to develop and flourish, ensuring you get maximum value from your investment.

To support this, we give key members of your team access to our Employer Branding Made Easy Online Courses

We also have a dedicated team of onboarding and candidate experience experts who can facilitate appropriate Hiring Manager training and employee advocacy workshops to keep your EVP alive and relevant.

Step Up Your Employer Brand Game.

Benefits Of Our Launch And Management Service:

  • By maintaining your status as employer of choice you will continue to attract the best talent in your sector.
  • You won’t lose your hard work and investment from launching your brand and watching it wither away.
  • You can gradually adjust your brand to align with recruitment goals and overarching  vision of the business ensuring you’re always getting the most from your brand.
  • Continued communication with your employees and applicants to monitor branding will show the importance you place on their opinion. This will raise employee morale and increase the chance of referrals.

Employer brand blog

Why an Effective Employer Brand Strategy Is A Long-Term Relationship, Not a Fling

If it’s not your goal to promote your business as an attractive employer, why not? In today’s increasingly competitive candidate market, what your existing and potential employees think of your company as a place to work is essential. What do you think they would say to their family and friends about you? Let’s face it; it’s much easier to recruit top talent if the company in question has a good reputation. Some businesses attract the best of the best … it’s how they attract the star candidates in the first place that’s important. You can gain inspiration from this and apply it to your employer brand strategy.

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