Stage 1: Identify

Stage 2: Engage

Stage 3: Assess

Are you tired of traditional executive search models? Look no further than Cogito’s leadership hiring and insights. Our flexible approach allows us to design the best model to suit your needs, empowering you to take control of the hiring process when you’re ready and manage your budget effectively.

Leadership Hiring

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How Do We Do It?

Our experts apply research methodology to identify the talent you want to hire and gather people and competitor data to shape your decision-making. Analysing data to present market and candidate trends, we can assess the competency of a candidate and their ability to fit within your organisation.

We will help you to:

  • Evaluate better quality candidates against your key criteria and the wider market
  • Make more informed decisions about the role and pay
  • Take ownership of candidate engagement when you are ready ensuring authentic promotion of your business and the role
  • Gain an improved return on investment as our model will be focused upon the areas in which you require support

Executive Hiring

We provide a flexible model where you have the freedom to decide how you want to utilise our services. We won’t bind you with fees if you choose to a) handle things internally, b) cancel, or c) change your mind.

Our Flexible Three Stage Approach

You can choose to utilise our services for just stage 1, move on to stage 2, or benefit from our full offering. 


Utilising our wide range of data sources and research methodology, we expertly identify the talent you want to hire and provide a range of candidate and market insights to enable you to take the project forward without incurring future placement fees.

The Market Map Will include:

  • Market Map of prospective candidates detailing:
  • Name, Role, Company, Skills, Experience and Qualifications
  • Market Map trends in relation to role pre-requisites
  • Geographic, Demographic and Diversity trends


Applying our senior recruitment expertise, we create compelling approaches, confidentially where required, to prospective candidates to understand their appetite for a career move, their suitability versus role pre-requisites, key motivators and financial package detail.

Your Candidate Longlist Report Will Include:


  • Interested Candidate Bio; detailing career history, experience, qualifications, financial package (current & desired), other key role pre-requisites


  •  Market Map of prospective candidates detailing Name, Role, Company, Skills, Experience and Qualifications


  • Financial Package
  • Perception of your Company (where company name can be shared)
  • Level of Interest and Reasons for Decline
  • Organisational Structures insight – Team Sizes and Reporting Lines

Stage 3: Assess

Our experienced senior-level interviewers conduct face to face interviews with candidates of greatest interest to your leaders. Where required our range of behavioural and psychometric profiling can be incorporated into this phase.

We produce detailed interview reports including competency-based scoring to support your evaluation of candidates in a Candidate Shortlist Report.


Your Candidate Interview Report will include:

  • Competency Scoring Comparison
  • Experience & Skills analysis versus Person Specification

Leadership Insights


We understand the critical importance of finding your next senior hire or determining if you existing team possess the skills and experience to take the business forward.

Initiating an executive search can be expensive, that’s why we provide you with essential insights to enable informed decision-making before committing to the next step. You can use our insight to equip your inhouse team with the detail needed to own the process or engage our services to pinpoint your ideal candidate.


Here’s what we offer:

  • We create bespoke research, insights, reporting and pricing models based on your needs.
  • Apply research methodology to identify the talent you want to hire and gather people and competitor data, shaping your decision-making.
  • Expertly and confidentially target competitors and aligned organisations, markets and regions.
  • Analyse data to present market and candidate trends.
  • Assess candidate competence and fit through career analysis and interview process, adopting your assessment criteria where desired.
  • Adopt a flexible approach, allowing you to directly engage with the best talent when you are ready based on your capability, goals and budget.
  • Create a tailored report, presented in person, providing candidate commentary and insight analysis to enhance understanding of individuals and data trends to inform the next steps.

With Our  Leadership Hiring, You Can:

  • Conduct senior recruitment, confidential searches or benchmarking activity without the internal expertise.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s salary structure.
  • Focus on the face to face interview stages of the recruitment process.
  • Build direct candidate relationships early in the process.
  • Understand more about the external market before commencing a full recruitment project.
  • Obtain candidate-specific information to support internal benchmarking, remuneration and job role creation.

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