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Not Just A Pretty Face. We Do Our Research.

We want to discover what is different about working for you.

It’s important to conduct thorough research before starting any creative work to ensure that the final product is grounded in fact and attractive to the intended audience. This will help it be recognised and appreciated by your colleagues and any new starters.

Research & Methodology

We gather data and analysis through desk-based and telephone research, audits, focus groups, surveys, and interviews to ensure that Cogito provides unrivalled evidence-based recommendations and valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand.

Competitor Audit

Our unique employer brand audit tool will benchmark your employer brand against your key competitors for talent, including where you outperform other recruiters and highlighting where you may fall behind. This will also help us gauge the quality of work in your area and define your competitors’ core offers and messages, which enables us to achieve differentiation by avoiding duplication.


External Audit

We will conduct in-depth telephone interviews with 100 candidates matching your most important hiring criteria. Telephone interviews give a depth and quality of data that surveys can’t achieve. They will provide deep insight into target audiences’ perceptions, sentiments, and needs. In hard-to-fill areas, this is critical knowledge. Engaged candidates can also be added to your talent pool as potential hires! 

We will survey recent interviewees and key recruiters at agencies on your PSL. Both cohorts can provide valuable insight into external perceptions of you as an employer and also provide insight into the quality of the candidate experience.

Internal Audit

It is important to hear directly from your employees to gain emotional insight into what it feels like to work for you. We will explore in-depth the thoughts, experiences and expectations of crucial recruitment groups via focus groups covering various skill groups, seniority levels and locations.

We will also review any existing insight such as engagement or employee satisfaction surveys, people strategies, values documents, and any current recruitment marketing material.

Focus groups and data give us a” snapshot” of today’s employee experience. But it may be that the business is looking to attract different talent or has a change in direction planned. Our Executive Interviews give us the critical” view from the bridge” which will help to futureproof our EVP framework.

Insights To Help You Win The War For Talent.

With Our Employer Brand Insight, You Can Understand:

  • What your ideal candidate is looking for.
  • How the external market perceives your brand.
  • How your employer brand and EVP are perceived internally.
  • How you compare against competing employers.
    Broken down by market, gender, function, sector and other key splits.

Employer brand blog

Why An Effective Employer Brand Strategy Is A Long-Term Relationship, Not A Fling

If it’s not your goal to promote your business as an attractive employer, why not? In today’s increasingly competitive candidate market, what your existing and potential employees think of your company as a place to work is essential. What do you think they would say to their family and friends about you? Let’s face it; it’s much easier to recruit top talent if the company in question has a good reputation. Some businesses attract the best of the best … it’s how they attract the star candidates in the first place that’s important. You can gain inspiration from this and apply it to your employer brand strategy.

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