Strategic Audit

With our strategic recruitment audit we will conduct an independent review of the recruitment model, the methods you adopted to attract and select candidates, and gain expert insight into the effectiveness of your employer brand. The audit focuses on three main areas: people and experience, data, documents and process, and brand and marketing. 


We will present a detailed report highlighting how you can increase your return on investment, improve candidate quality and enhance your employer brand. Findings are complemented by a step-by-step improvement plan to convert our recommendations into action.


Development Audit

Our experts will conduct an independent review of your current talent management processes, producing a sequential plan to transform your talent management and development approach. The aim is to drive motivation, engagement, retention, and productivity for all critical business results.

  • Your Business Objectives and alignment to people strategy.
  • Talent Management processes and policies.
  • Your Learning and Development offering.
  • The capability of your internal teams.
  • Spend, budget and resources.
  • Your reporting, what do you measure, and how to ensure ROI.

We will also conduct competitor research and create a transformation plan to support you in achieving your future employee objectives.


We can help you transform your talent acquisition by conducting a comprehensive strategic audit and in-depth surveys. 


Helping you to implement our recommendations with ongoing strategic consultancy focusing on recruitment processes, people, talent pipeline management, marketing material, and EVP development.


To support the internal launch and get buy-in from your team, we will offer training for in-house recruitment personnel, leadership and hiring managers.

Attrition Analysis

Understanding why your employees are leaving your business will help you to create strategies which retain your best people and be aware of the likelihood of an employee departure.  We will analyse your leaver data and interview former employees to establish the factors which influenced their decision to leave.

Our deeper analysis will highlight key trends including: tenure, role, gender, age, department, new role and new employer; presenting you with a clear understanding and the opportunity to create proactive retention strategies.

Start Your Transformation Process Today!

You Should Start The Audit Process Today If:

  • You are relying heavily on expensive agency recruitment and want to move towards a direct hiring model.
  • You need to make cost savings.
  • You are struggling to attract sufficient quantities of applicants.
  • Your applications are not of the quality you would like.
  • Good candidates are failing to turn into good hires.
  • You are experiencing high levels of staff turnover.

What’s The Point Of A Recruitment Audit?

Businesses that regularly fail to review their recruitment model are likely to be repeating poor practice, wasting money and alienating candidates. If your business conducts any level of regular recruitment you should be taking the time to understand what works, what doesn’t and how to improve.

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