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Career Stories So Far

Ruari Fangman

Lead, People Insights

Rachel Parkes

Client Partner

Emma Naumann

Head of Sales & Marketing

Jack Grierson

Lead, Hiring Intelligence

Francesca Lewton

Lead Research Consultant

Dwayne Jones

Research & Insights Analyst

Variety, Impact, and Respect

Looking for new challenges every day? Want to make a visible contribution? Always looking for better approaches? A lot of our people joined us because they’d had enough of repetitive roles and big corporate structures. And the fact that so many of them have stayed at Cogito for so long shows we must be doing something right!

When I used to work in a recruitment agency, every day became kind of like Groundhog Day speaking to the same kind of people around roughly the same role. Whereas the work that we do is really varied on a project by project basis – it is really different.

Join us on our journey of collaboration, inclusion, growth and creativity, supported by resources that make a difference to our clients.