This case study sees Cogito leading the development of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Framework for a learning charity. 

Using the power of music and learning, Cogito’s latest partner is committed to instilling confidence in children, youth, adults, and communities, bringing their vision to life. 

At the core of our client’s mission is the belief that every young person deserves the chance to realise their full potential, irrespective of their background.

Our Latest Employer Brand Project Is Music To Our Ears.

The Project Brief

Cogito led the creation of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Framework, crafting six role personas for their music service. The objective? Facilitate hiring managers in identifying skills for their job opportunities, while emphasising the benefits for current and potential employees. This strategic process not only attracted talent but also strengthened our client’s brand.

In the pursuit of an effective EVP, our goals were to:

  • Highlight the organisation as an exceptional workplace.
  • Provide insights into the employee experience.
  • Emphasise how this can be succinctly conveyed in an EVP through both internal and external communication.

This was music to Cogito’s ears, so we got started.

Time To Face The Music

Constructing an EVP platform demands a methodical approach, understanding the organisation’s culture, values, and conducting comprehensive market research. Pinpointing differentiators, formulating a clear EVP statement, effective communication, and implementation are crucial. Following these steps ensures our client sculpts an EVP mirroring their brand, attracting top-tier talent.

Our Research

Focus Groups

Cogito conducted focus groups with employees to identify positive/negative factors, uncovering highlights and areas for enhancement.


We conducted interviews with candidates to get more in-depth stories about their experience with our client, enabling us to build ‘role personas’ of a typical applicant.


At this stage, we shared an EVP Survey with employees to establish what working for our client means to them and identify what makes them a unique place to work.


Employer Value Proposition Pillars

We condensed our findings into a concise document, highlighting factors that make our client a unique place to work.

Grouping these factors into employer value proposition pillars, Cogito seamlessly integrated them into recruitment and engagement communication copy. This strategic move aimed to elevate them above their competitors.

  • Employer Personality: A comprehensive list of qualities associated with our client as an employer.

  • Employer Pillars: A cohesive set of fundamental truths shaping our client’s employer proposition.

  • Employer Proposition: A distinct narrative encapsulating what it is like to work for our client.

These three aspects collectively ensure the EVP is accurately represented, providing the foundation for the creative development of their recruitment identity.

As a result, any reference to working for our client can be confidently delivered, supported by robust research and deep insight.

Let The Music Play On 

We highlighted effective strategies for leveraging the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to breathe life into the concept. Moving forward, we are committed to an ongoing collaboration with our client as we embark on this exciting next stage of development.

Effectively Position Your Employer Brand To Attract The Best Talent

Cogito collaborates closely with your business to gain a comprehensive understanding of the employee experience and assess how both your internal team and the external market perceive your brand. Our goal is to deliver meaningful insights and data, offering valuable feedback to empower you in making informed decisions as you shape and enhance your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

To discover how we can help your business to create an effective EVP, find out more or contact us today. 

Our Latest Employer Brand Project<br />
Is Music To Our Ears.
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