About This Research

Cogito are delighted to present an initial State of the Labour Market white paper, designed to support
readers in understanding the current outlook of the labour market as it pertains to employed
professionals. This white paper establishes trends and projections which can support both employers
and candidates as they look forward to future recruitment.

Key findings

  • Both employed and self-employed professionals have been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic,
    however it is the self-employed professionals who are the most risk.
  • Almost every sector has been impacted by the pandemic, but many are beginning to see light at the
    end of the tunnel, whereas industries such as the Arts continue to struggle.
  • Economic activity has declined within the past year, however it is too early to conclude whether
    this is a permanent trend.
  • The UK Job market is beginning to show signs of recovery, however remains some ways from
    its pre-Covid state.


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