Following the creation of a new international business, Cogito were engaged by one of the world’s largest automotive businesses to conduct a talent mapping project to support the recruitment of two senior IT professionals.

The roles of Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer are pivotal to the transition of working practices and people from the US-based parent organisation and the future technological strategy to ensure high quality working practices and customer engagement.

Our talent mapping solution was conducted through 3 main phases:

  1. Identification of post holders in relevant organisations (Size, Structure, Services and Sector) to create the Market Map
  2. Confidential engagement to establish Propensity to Move, Motivators and Drivers, Skills & Experience and Package expectations to form the qualified Longlist
  3. Face to Face competency interviews establishing deeper assessment of individuals for the role, presented as a Shortlist candidate report

Beyond the mapped talent, our analytical team identified talent trends  which revealed the underlying pattern of the senior IT candidate market to support broader Organisational Design programmes, including

  • Career Mobility which highlights the propensity of people moving up, sidewards or down in role and whether they move internally or externally
  • Average Tenure which shows the length of time in which people remain in roles which supports earlier engagement with candidates
  • Salary and Bonus

Our talent mapping programme saw the client hire a Chief Information Security Officer rand successfully benchmark the Chief Technology Officer candidates with an internal applicant.

The overall programme enabled the client to meet its talent needs and the total cost was 25% less than their traditional headhunt provider.

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