Moog are a global engineering and technology business who specialise in motion control systems. They are a highly successful business but have traditionally been very modest around their achievements, preferring to let their reputation for innovation, complex problem solving and strong client relationships do the talking for them.

However, in recent times, talent acquisition needs have increased greatly and the Moog reputation has not been powerful enough to harness the volume and quality of talent needed to allow the business to flourish. There was a growing realisation that in order to meet their objectives, Moog needed to tell their employer stories more broadly and with greater conviction than they had in the past.

Moog turned to Cogito’s employer brand specialists for help. The Cogito team began with a programme of Research to shine a light on:

  • Global perceptions of Moog as a brand and as an employer
  • Moog’s competitive position in key talent markets
  • Moog’s core employer strengths
  • The wants and needs of global talent audiences

To facilitate this, Cogito carried out a comprehensive and deep programme of research including external competitor analysis and online audience surveys in multiple countries and across a number of different talent audiences. Internal strengths were defined through a deep-dive study of existing engagement data and a series of interviews with senior executives.

Cogito’s research insight provided some significant findings.

  • As expected, audiences awareness was low in most countries
  • The Moog employer brand was weak in comparison to other competitors for talent
  • The core needs of talent audiences differed from country to country
  • With a little more information, audiences soon viewed Moog favourably as a place to work
  • The business had 13 core employer strengths that only partially aligned with audience needs and desires.

The Cogito programme of research highlighted that Moog have a great story to tell, but are punching well below their weight when it comes to telling it. Cogito identified that in general, their competitors do a better job of creating authentic and differentiated employer brand content, despite seemingly having less to offer than Moog. However, it also became clear that a “one size fits all” proposition would not work, as different audience had different needs and desires.

Armed with our research outputs, Cogito shaped an Employer Brand framework for Moog which clearly articulates their great story with authenticity.  We have also been able to develop a message matrix showing us which messages will resonate most strongly with which audiences and in which territories.

Moog now have the foundations of their story in place that they can build upon. We are now clear exactly what Moog have to offer and we know what we need to say to create an impact.

The next stage of the project is to begin developing the creative assets and content that will bring our EVP to life. Cogito have been retained to provide creative and strategic consultancy to help Moog bring their employer brand to market quickly and effectively, helping them to win in their war for talent.


Client Feedback

“Cogito have become a key partner to Moog in delivering a range of people insights, recruitment and consultative project; from Talent Mapping to Employer Brand.  As a business we have an appetite to continually evolve how we attract, engage and retain talented people across the globe and Cogito’s expertise has helped us to do this.”

Laura Toscano, HR Director – Products & Services

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