Cogito were engaged by Dyson to support a short term peak in hiring for Customer Service Advisors to the Malmesbury Contact Centre. As a result of historic challenges in relation to time to hire, quality of hire and volume of applicants, a dedicated solution to increase applications was sought.

Our Solution

  • Cogito dedicated a team of recruitment specialists to Dyson, based at our Bristol office, to conduct a range of attraction activities including: Dyson branded adverts on job boards and social media, Cogito branded adverts and direct approaches to over 3000 potential candidates
  • Team seconded to Dyson site one day per week to support with orientation and manager engagement
  • Assessment Centre Design and Facilitation
  • High Performer profiling to create an ideal candidate template to increase quality of applicant
  • Creation of Talent Pipeline populated with individuals not immediately available but interested in working for Dyson in the future (over 200 individuals)
  • Brand Perception Study to highlight how well Dyson Contact Centre is known and how the employer brand is viewed

Programme Stats

✓ 78 Interviews

✓ 48 Starters

✓ Average Cost per Hire of less than £500. Reduction of over £500 versus previous agency model

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