This case study looks at our latest talent mapping project with a global leader in the contact lens industry. Having experienced significant business growth, they required insight into creating effective recruitment campaigns, and also wanted to free up their time and save money on traditional agency fees. 

Our Vision-ary Client 

Cogito’s latest client is a global leader in the contact lens industry. Through scientific and technological innovation, operational excellence and close working relationships with eye care professional customers, our client has helped improve the vision of millions and become a trusted leader in the contact lens industry. 




CooperVision Talent Mapping Project

The Project Brief

At the time of initial contact, our client was experiencing significant business growth. Whilst our client’s talent acquisition team had great success in 2022 in direct hiring, they realised that to support further business plans, they require insight to create effective recruitment campaigns and to stay ahead of the competition to become the employer of choice.  They also wanted to free up their time and save on traditional recruitment agency fees.

Our (Contact Lens) Solution

 Our client approached Cogito to provide a two-stage solution.

Stage One: Skills Research

Skills research offers businesses valuable insights for achieving diverse, business-driven goals, including effective benchmarking through analysis of external research. Cogito sought to obtain an insight of the employment market to identify talent hot spots within a 50km radius to our client’s locations. This data was based on four key divisions within their organisation.   

Before any research began, Cogito’s Talent Acquisition team conducted a discovery call with our client to compile the required information about the business structure, job titles, role remits and competitors, with opportunities to share other insights into the business and the ideal skills required. 

Cogito’s research team also collated relevant open-source data points, utilising subscribed platforms and other published salary surveys and data from industry bodies. These data points were combined and weighted towards the most trustworthy and relevant sources. 

Through desk-based research, we: 

  • Provided a heatmap of talent hotspots within the suggested 50km radius of the our client’s centres.
  • Gained unparalleled insight into a specific location’s supply and demand due to the level and granularity of data.
  • Gathered labour market and salary data from many trusted sources to provide a real-time picture of the talent market in the identified skill hot spots.
  • Obtained a competitor overview of prominent employers in the area, detailing how our client compared.
  • Talent Pool Demographics.
  • Average reward data for varying experience levels.
  • Benchmarked our client against a location’s gender averages for specific skills and job titles so that realistic expectations regarding diversity can be set.

 We also provided:

  • Localised skills analysis.
  • UK skill heatmap.
  • Overview of supply and demand to determine the completeness of the national market.

Report Content

The Cogito team included people analytics and labour market research specialists with experience in utilising people insight to create highly effective strategies, ensuring our client was able to develop competitive employment propositions. 


The report’s findings were shared via an interactive dashboard and presented in-person with our client’s key stakeholders. This was a valuable session for our client, as we could bring the data to life, offer recommendations and answer any questions. Following the detailed presentation of our findings, we also created PDF reports to provide the top level of information for senior teams and other key stakeholders. 


Our recommendations highlighted the most common trends and essential points for our client to consider in terms of improving the recruitment and retention of individuals who are crucial to the success of their organisation.

We continued to work with our client to support their recruitment efforts in the identified talent hot spots through effective recruitment campaigns, employer branding, talent mapping and executive hiring. We also regularly refreshed the reports in these areas throughout the year to ensure our client was kept up-to-date with market trends and the competition.

Stage Two: Talent Mapping

Our client was finding niche roles hard to fill and attract talent through talent mapping within the identified talent hot spots.

We identified both active and passive candidates who matched their job and person specifications within their target competitors. Our approach identified more and better-quality candidates than advertisements or recruitment database searches.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for the ideal candidates to come to them, talent mapping enabled our client to take a proactive approach to sourcing, engaging and hiring talent in both single and multiple roles, allowing to assess whether they meet the future needs of the business.

Market Map and Report

The Market Map Report provided our client with details of interested candidates and those not interested in the position and the reasons why. This enabled our client to consider all aspects of the market and explore any amendments to the role, opportunity or package to ensure the best talent is secured.

We also included insight gained from the engagement with individuals who were considered lacking in the required experience for the role but who may be suitable for more junior positions in the future.

In addition to the candidate information, we provided our client with a Talent Insights Report, which included trends in motivators, pay and needs/wants of the mapped talent and highlighted how our client could develop and enhance the role proposition.

Cogito presented all findings and report content to our client, in person, which enabled us to highlight key trends and wider recommendations for future phases and wider talent strategies.

 We helped our client to: 

  • Make more informed decisions about the role proposition, marketing and pay.
  • Take ownership of candidate engagement when ready, ensuring authentic promotion of the business and the role.
  • Gain an improved return on investment as our model was focused on the areas in which our client required support.
  • Learn more about labour markets to enhance their people strategies.
  • Evaluate potential candidates against their key criteria and the wider market.
  • Increase brand awareness through positive conversations.
  • Improve the candidate experience.

Take A Proactive Approach In Sourcing, Engaging And Hiring Talent

 From measuring employee satisfaction to monitoring progress, we can provide you with research and insights to achieve your business goals. Find out more by visiting or contact us today.  

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