Arval are a business with which we have a long standing history of delivering talent acquisition and research projects.

Therefore, when Arval wanted to understand more about the labour markets in their three UK locations in order to support a project to evaluate the longer term viability of these locations, we were their obvious partner – particularly as one of the potential outcomes was an office closure.


The Research Phase

9 skill sets across the 3 UK locations were analysed to help Arval understand each location in more depth:

  • The availability of each skill set
  • Employment / Unemployment stats
  • Working Age Demographics
  • Average Earnings
  • Cost of Living

Comparative analysis of the data was conducted by our data analysts to establish key findings based upon the supply skill sets in each location, with recognition of the most key & critical skills.  This enabled us to present fact-based recommendations to Arval for incorporation into wider strategic reporting to help business leaders determine whether and which location to close, as well as which of the remaining 2 locations the skills should be moved to.

Arval boards’ decision was to close one of the locations, creating the need for a recruitment programme to rapidly source candidates for the re-allocated roles.


Attraction & Hiring Project

Our previous experience with Arval and the research phase of the project helped our team of researchers and recruiters form a clear understanding of the roles, company, background and project goals.

To add further value and to create a collaborative project approach, our team spent a day with Arval Hiring Managers and HR Leaders to get a deeper understanding of role specifics and team cultures.

A communications and meetings plan was developed to ensure high touch account management would be delivered, with project meetings held twice per week in which our team focused upon information sharing including candidate flow, candidate feedback, recruiting stats and market insights.

We began by sourcing and screening candidates who matched the pre-requisite experience, including those identified in the research phase to ensure managers could assess candidates in quick timescales.

Our team blended a focus upon talent mapping in which we identified, approached and engaged with passive candidates along with management of the direct candidates.  Recruitment marketing and role promotion was conducted by our team of experts to generate applicants to the Arval careers site, utilising Arval marketing content to enhance, and ensure authentic messaging.

In assuming responsibility for all candidate engagement, we were able to ensure consistent evaluation and candidate and hiring manager experience, with the additional benefit of allowing the Arval onsite recruiter to focus upon BAU recruitment whilst our team managed this project.

Our team of experienced recruiters conducted telephone interviews with all candidates who expressed interest in the opportunity. This enabled us to discuss the role in more detail, gain an understanding of their motivators and assess whether the individual would be suitable for the role. These telephone interviews also presented a platform for us to raise awareness, and improve the perception, of Arval and gather employer brand and candidate insights.

Project Stats

  • Candidates Approached: 1,636
  • Telephone Interviews Completed: 312
  • Video Interviews Completed: 165
  • Starters: 28

A major factor in our success was the way in which our dedicated project team and Arval stakeholders worked closely throughout.  Our reporting ensured everyone was aware of the status of each position and the frequency of meetings provided a platform for any suggested improvements to be discussed.

Arval have an appetite for people insights and our end of project reporting dashboard helped them to understand:

  • How their Pay & Benefits compared with Competitors
  • What candidates know and think about their Employer Brand
  • Why candidates were not interested
  • What candidates were motivated by
  • Which job boards and recruitment marketing channels worked most effectively

Client Feedback

“Cogito has been Arval’s go-to people research and recruitment partner for over 5 years, so when we wanted labour market intelligence and dedicated recruitment support we had no hesitation in engaging them.

Their team provided us with high quality candidates, account management and insights which not only ensured we met our project objectives, but enabled our key stakeholders to gain greater awareness of our candidate markets, our employer brand and our recruitment process, all of which will help us to develop a wide range of future HR workstreams.”

Luke Yoell, Head of Organisational Development

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