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Workplace wellbeing has never been so important. It has to be more than a buzzword in your organisation. We spend so much time at work, building our workplace wellbeing has a big impact on our overall wellbeing. Simply put, wellbeing is the state of feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful.

Wellbeing encapsulates many elements of our lives that are intrinsically important, from emotional, physical, social, and wellbeing in the workplace.

To develop workplace wellbeing, we need to build skills that enable us to pursue what really matters to each and every one of us; from building professional skills which empower us to meet our own personal goals but it also includes things like maintaining work-life balance and workplace resilience. These skills let us enjoy our work more, helping us to stay focused, motivated, and successful at work.

Read on for the the key skills you need for workplace wellbeing that we can help you with…

Mental Health Awareness For Managers

Cogito Excellence aims to give managers the tools they need to build a mindful culture within their team, spot early signs of mental illness, approach conversations around mental wellbeing and effectively signpost people to the appropriate mental health support.

We can support managers in creating a supportive, stigma-free culture within their own team and suggest strategies for reducing mental health stigma in the workplace.

We appreciate that the signs of mental illness in both themselves and their employees can be tricky to identify. We can help managers recognise the symptoms and get the conversation started. 

We will ensure you are fully equipped with tools to  support the wellbeing of your employees and learn how to manage if an employee decides to leave your business.   

Salary benchmarking

Building A Resilient Workplace

It is important for businesses to help employees cope with the challenges faced in the modern workplace. Cogito Excellence can assist you in making resilience a key strategic priority for your business.

We can help you support your staff through difficult times, including dealing with stress, managing high-pressure situations, dealing with disappointment or mistakes, and the ability to cope with change.  

All businesses also want their employees to be productive and efficient, so we can support your business with effective time management strategies. 


Aligning Wellbeing And The Employee Experience

Find out what employees and
HR professionals think about
current wellbeing initiatives and
what they really want from their

Wellbeing Insights

In a climate of uncertainty with rising living costs, a war in Ukraine, an ongoing global pandemic and associated changes in working practices, it is no surprise that employees’ wellbeing is suffering. We wanted to understand employees’ experiences of wellbeing at work and organisations’ positions on wellbeing.
Via a survey of 115 employees, we found that current wellbeing initiatives are not meeting employees’ needs. The majority of employees (74%) wish that their organisation was doing more towards the wellbeing of employees.

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