To compete in today’s candidate-led market, employers are constantly looking for ways to develop their Employer Brand through various marketing channels consistently. ASM enlisted the help of Cogito Excellence to deliver training to raise their profile as an employer.

The Brief: 

Cogito Excellence was asked to scope, design, and deliver Recruitment Skills and Branding (EVP) Workshops for hiring managers. ASM was looking for an inspirational, transformational training programme for almost 50 hiring managers at various levels, from first-line managers to heads of departments. The objective for Cogito was to engage ASM delegates from all functions, including Mechanical Engineering, IT & Software Engineering and Finance, providing them with a toolbox of skills to develop their employer branding and candidate experience.

 The Solution

To attract and retain the best candidates, Cogito Excellence set out to create a training offering to drive consistency in approach and messaging and ultimately upskill managers to achieve the following:

  1. Understand the process for recruitment within ASM and get the best from the materials provided whilst giving the best candidate experience.
  2. Understand the practical techniques for building questions, interviewing, and making evidence-based selection decisions that support equality and diversity.
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of ASM’s Employer brand, understanding how to articulate the employer value proposition as part of the interview process and how this directly correlates to the overall company strategy of attracting talent.


The training included a combination of workshops attended by 44 delegates, delivered at ASM’s coastal head office in Weymouth.

The Feedback

Feedback from the workshops was positive, with recommended next steps issued by Cogito Excellence.

“Delivered really well and questions were really listened to, understood, and responses were detailed and useful.”

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