Another much anticipated Cogito HR Webinar!

This time we will be exploring how by disrupting the traditional mindset around performance management, organisations can create a high performing culture.

Our webinar will feature James Hampton Head of Development and Engagement at Seasalt, who will be discussing progressive and employee engaging approaches to managing the performance of organizations, teams and individuals.

James will be ripping up the rule book and discussing Seasalt’s new progressive strategies for changing organizational behaviour and, ultimately, for implementing, promoting and sustaining a high-performance culture through improved, proactive performance management.

Find out more about James at:

Why HR professionals may be interested in attending?

At the heart of a business’s success is the performance of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole, however according to recent research by Deloitte, 58% of companies don’t even believe performance management is an effective use of time!

Is it then surprising that many HR departments are continually updating their existing, aged performance management systems in an effort to achieve better results and improve process? Unfortunately, these efforts can struggle to produce the desired outcomes.
For example, ranking-and ratings-based performance management strategies often have the unintended result of reducing employee engagement and frustrating high performers.

To whom this might appeal?

– HR professionals plus Business Leaders and Managers (In particular HR Managers / HR Business Partners / HR Directors)

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