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Today’s modern, fast-paced culture results in people working harder than ever, meeting tighter deadlines, managing work relationships, and staying constantly connected through hybrid working and mobile devices. But this pace can lead to stress and burnout, with one in four experiencing a mental health emergency every year, a quarter of the workforce.

For most, the natural working environment has been almost unrecognisable since the early days of the global pandemic. Navigating through these challenges requires skills and strategies that can be developed. Resilience is a key strategy that helps employees tackle stress, a competitive job market, workplace conflicts, and address challenges away from the workplace. Building resilience is important because employees identify work as the number one stressor in their lives.


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What Is Resilience? 

Resilience exists when people can bounce back and thrive from major challenges. It is often tested when stress factors arise in everyday life and when trauma or tragedy strikes. Stress is not the only factor that can test a person’s resilience; however, how a person handles stress is a strong indicator of their ability to bounce back.

Resilience is also a key element in well-being. Employers increasingly recognise the need to provide services, support and health resources that address mental health and well-being. Having Mental Health First Aiders is an important step, but creating a genuine culture that removes stigma and taboo from mental health in the workplace is more important.    

Three Tier Wellbeing Training Package

At Cogito we have created a ‘stigma stays outside’ policy. Wrapping our employees and our organisation in emotional intelligence, built from the ground up, protecting each area of the business and our individuals in three layers of wellbeing training and mental health education. This structure is now a fundamental part of our fabric, built by our award-winning accredited mental health instructor.


Building Resilience

Every single employee attends a two-hour foundation-level workshop, providing the fundamental skills needed to thrive. This session introduces employees to mental health conditions and illnesses, encourages positive mental health practices and promotes emotional regulation by introducing our unique framework model A.S.H.E.S to encourage conversation, interaction, and the importance of building personal support networks.

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Mental Health Awareness For Supervisory Level Managers

Building resilience is enhanced with direct support, empowering our business leaders with additional knowledge so that they feel comfortable and competent in having difficult conversations with employees. Within this two-hour interactive session, we focus on an in-depth knowledge of mental health conditions and illnesses, understanding the mental health continuum and responsibilities of a supervisory level manager.

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Award in First Aid For Mental Health

Supporting both our Level 1 and 2 learners, our fully accredited First Aid for Mental Health awarded by our Nuco Approved Instructor ensures complete protection for your employees. The award in mental health first aid is fully assessable, covering 20 specific models that will empower your mental health first aiders to support your employees throughout the employee lifecycle. This course will provide each learner with a Mental Health First Aid accredited certification for three years. Kirk has over 15 years of experience as an operational incident commander for the UK’s largest Non-Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Service. He brings this carefully structured two-day course to life, detailing real-life frontline experiences and emotions from his own mental health journey.

Price: £379.99 +VAT PP

My PTSD Picture

Having PTSD has been a gift, a motivator like nothing else. Through my experiences, struggles and triumphs, I have been able to educate myself and others. It sounds terribly dramatic, but barriers are moving.

Those outside my support network will not know their day-to-day impact on my positive mental health. They never could because life keeps moving forward, and that’s ok. The lesson I have learnt is not to forget the importance of applying a ‘chin lift’ every so often, raising my viewpoint just enough to check where I am going, keeping on my trajectory and learning from where I have been.

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