Webinar Office or Home – what employees want now and how it’s changed. Research & Insights Webinar

Speaker: Ruari Fangman 

Many of us have been working from home for over a year now and during that time Cogito has collected data from employers and employees on their home-working situation and their ever-changing opinion of it. Our previous data has helped organisations understand how to keep their employees motivated and productive during these unpredictable times and how their Covid working policies stack up against the competition, so they don’t get left behind.

A few of the highlights from our last report:
• 17% decrease in employees wanting to work from home 5 days a week.
• 32.5% of employers considered reducing pay for home workers.
• 45% of employees felt working from home made their job less secure.

In this webinar we will share our latest research with you and take you through the changes in employees needs and wants over the past year. This will provide evidence-based insights you can trust as we start returning to the office and employees inevitably request more flexible working options; Will the four-day week be the new norm? Do employees ever want to return to the office?

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