Strategy &  Transformation

Strategy & Transformation

When you work with Cogito you benefit from some of the very best recruitment, employer branding and data analytics experts. We build programmes of work around your needs, applying our passion, skill and experience to transform the way your business conducts recruitment and engages talent.

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We solve the problems created by underperforming recruitment models.


  • Inability to fill critical roles inhibits business growth
  • Slow time to hire causes business disruption and productivity / revenue loss
  • Poor or inconsistent quality of hires inhibits business performance
  • Lack of engagement inhibits business performance
  • Talent is attracted to competitors giving them a competitive advantage


  • Lack of candidate quality
  • Poor staff retention rates
  • Low employee engagement
  • Poor direct sourcing contact conversions
  • Lack of awareness of organisation in external market
  • Inconsistent process leading to varying service levels to hiring managers
  • Candidate experience not measured leading to potential disenfranchised individuals
  • Lack of application volumes
  • No internal team, previous team made redundant


  • High dependency on expensive recruitment agencies.
  • Pressure to pay Premium remuneration and compensation to secure candidates

Our consultative approach features a range of options from audit to recruitment outsource.  We consistently offer the strategic thought leadership of our senior personnel and the dedication and excellence of our recruiters, researchers and data analysts.

We will  help you to build a recruitment model to be proud of, enabling you to gain future benefits and build long lasting candidate relationships. Throughout our tailored programmes we provide independent and expert advice, increase the awareness and effective of your employer brand and achieve recruitment success at all levels of the business and across multiple disciplines.



Every day we help businesses to build great recruitment models which:

  • Achieve 95%+ direct fills
  • Reduce Time to Hire
  • Reduce Recruitment Spend
  • Improve Candidate Quality
  • Improve Employer Brand
  • Create Amazing Candidate Experiences
Candidates and Covid-19

Candidates and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the way people work all over the world.  From increased home working to furloughed workers and the likelihood of redundancies, many commentators suggest that the world of work will never be the same again. We were keen to gain a...

Covid-19 and the Employee – Survey Report

Covid-19 and the Employee – Survey Report

As Covid-19 has an increasing impact upon everyone, we wanted to understand if employees were thinking different about their roles and employer.  Would they be more likely to move roles than before?  Has their view of their employer changed? In April 2020, we...

Coronavirus and Home Working – Report Download

Coronavirus and Home Working – Report Download

The Coronavirus pandemic has required businesses and employees to quickly adapt to home working.  Businesses have invested in communication platforms and hardware, along with finding new ways to manage and support team members. We wondered what impact all of this may...

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