Screwfix are one of the UK’s fastest growing retailers, opening 60 new stores each year.  The growth of retail operations has placed increasing demand upon the retail recruitment team as the volume of vacancies increases in existing regions along with the challenge of establishing an employer brand presence in new locations.

To establish an independent assessment of the current model, specifically how fit for purpose it is to support the continued growth, Cogito were engaged to conduct a study of practices, perception and performance and present recommendations for improvement.

Our research cover two main workstreams:


In which we gathered the views of the hiring communities, recent candidates and analysed recruitment data to discover trends in opinions, needs and wants and key recruitment performance indicators including Time to Hire, Cost Per Hire, Applicant Sources and underlying trends.


The second workstream, External, focused upon the ways in which the 10 most common competitors retail talent attracted candidates.  We reviewed job board, website and social media utilisation, as well as the recruitment content design to source candidates.


We blended our extensive recruitment leadership experience with research and analytical skills over a 3 week project resulting in a 102 page report with 20 recommendations, all of which have been implemented to improve hiring manager and candidate experience and reduce time and cost per hire.

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