This project demonstrates our Remuneration & Brand Perception Research’s success in providing a business. We engaged with a growing organisation within the Property Development industry that had a range of roles that they plan to make live in 2022. This mix of extensive desk-based and telephone research was invaluable in understanding the expectations of the labour market. Ultimately, this helped position the business to ensure that they have an enticing proposition when it is time to take the role to market.

The labour market outlook has changed considerably over the last 18 months, and as many would expect, so have the expectations of potential candidates. While we have previously stressed the importance of businesses implementing a recruitment audit model into their onboarding strategy, the significant changes that the labour market has experienced in terms of the working environment means that the necessity for this has only intensified.

Our client has been experiencing growth for some time and therefore is looking to commence an effective recruitment process. We presented them with Remuneration and Brand Perception research which provided them with insight into the current labour market, leading to an Improved understanding of the needs of their potential candidates.


Our client’s goal was to be competitive in their salary offerings when the time came to recruit. Therefore, it was essential that we utilised the range of research services available within Cogito to ensure that our findings were as accurate as possible. For this reason, we coupled telephone research with extensive desk-based research; this would give us a wider proportion for the initial part of the project. Cogito’s research team identified and approached more than 500 potential candidates within suitable roles.

  • Current/Desired Salary and Benefits Packages – this helped identify the average salary for professionals within each respective field, with the ability to present the distribution of wages depending on what role are they currently work within.
  • Bonuses and Premium Payments – As well as payment information, we were also able to ascertain the potential candidates’ opportunity to receive bonuses and other premium payments alongside this. In addition, we were also able to quantify how important this would be to these individuals when seeking a new role.
  • Remuneration & Organisation Analysis – extensive research regarding the characteristics and activities, identifying the key drivers to base salary and total package.

This range of research ensured that we could provide our client with a profile on the expectations of their talent pool which was representative of their potential candidates.

Brand Perception

Of course, a company offering a competitive salary is essential in their ability to attract the highest quality of candidates; however, a lot more goes into ensuring that a recruitment process is successful. We have previously identified one of the key benefits that talent mapping provides is its support in helping businesses understand their employer brand presence.

Our telephone-based research enabled us to get a range of information regarding the brand perception of our client, helping them understand the company’s brand awareness (including how they have heard of the company if they have applied before) and brand perception. By gaining this level of understanding, our client has been granted the opportunity to reflect on their brand perception and consider steps they need to take to improve before proceeding with a recruitment project.

Unlimited Research Points

While these were the two fundamental parts of our study, our research also extended to other areas essential in supporting our client in a future recruitment strategy. For example, this research identified the optimal working situation for potential candidates, which is likely to have significantly changed in the past two years. In addition, we also conducted an extensive level of competitor analysis which would help our client understand how competitive they are within the market.

Essential First Stage in Recruitment Process

Our extensive research was submitted via our sophisticated insights dashboards. This not only enabled us to provide live charts alongside commentary but enabled us to implement filters to our data, allowing us to segregate our findings according to each job role. This effectively allows our client to identify different trends within each job role and demonstrates our ability to support businesses with a wide range of job roles within the industry.

Our client has found this project a key first stage before beginning their recruitment process.

Cogito was excited to carry out such an extensive People Insights research project and look forward to future projects of this nature.

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