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Employer Brand Insights July 2023

Employer Brand Insights July 2023

This white paper delves into the current themes within the employer branding world. It provides HR and Talent Acquisition professionals with valuable insights and statistics to help them understand the talent pool's needs and build effective attraction strategies for...

How To Build A Reward Framework That Works For Your Business

How To Build A Reward Framework That Works For Your Business

How To Build A Reward Framework That Works For Your BusinessA clearly defined reward framework is an essential part of a company's success; not only does it give employees more motivation to work harder and smarter, but it also aligns employee incentives with overall...

Employer Brand Insights

Employer Brand Insights

Understanding candidates' needs is essential for employers, as employee attraction and retention becomes more challenging than ever. This white paper covers a range of employer brand insights and determines what employers should focus on to improve their proposition...

Common Mistakes Made When Developing An EVP

Common Mistakes Made When Developing An EVP

To avoid employer branding mistakes, companies should avoid focusing too much on benefits and not enough on culture, using vague buzzwords, only featuring top-level executives in people profiles, using a one-size-fits-all approach to the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and overselling the company culture. Honesty is crucial in creating an effective EVP.

Building An Effective EVP Platform: What Steps To Consider

Building An Effective EVP Platform: What Steps To Consider

  An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is a key aspect of a company’s attraction strategy, helping to communicate its unique benefits and culture to potential employees. This process will not only help attract the right talent but differentiates a company from its...

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