Webinar “Building your employer brand presence when you are hiring less.”

Speaker – David Thompson

Date – 23th September 2020

In this well received Cogito webinar employer brand specialist David reveals the ways in which organisations can keep themselves front of mind with talent audiences, when hiring less or finding budgets limited during the current tough times. David also discusses how the current economic situation actually presents a great opportunity for businesses to tell their stories and build engagement with talent audiences whilst their competitors are “off the radar”.


  • Using social media to tell employee stories
  • Encouraging employee advocacy and sharing
  • Building engagement by creating content that helps and supports talent audience needs

David Thompson is Cogito’s Employer Brand Lead with over 20 years’ experience working in employer marketing, researching and developing EVPs and built employer brand strategies for a multitude of organisations including Asda, LV+, GCHQ, The Telegraph, Gazprom and Autoglass.

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