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Onboarding matters. Taking the time to transition your candidates to employees is vital to set them up for success during their first weeks and months. 

Through clearly aligned expectations and support, new starters will quickly start to perform independently. Not only this but taking those early steps to help new starters integrate into the organisation and connect with colleagues will enable them to become embedded in the business culture from day one.

The Excellence team will work with you to build and shape your bespoke pre-onboarding and onboarding experience to alleviate the new starter’s nerves and make inclusivity from the point of the offer through to the successful probation review. We will find the best solution for you, from toolkits to communication frameworks.

Our Programme

Our programme includes a toolkit that will enable you to set your employees up for success from the start, from best practice guidelines to probation and performance review templates and setting those all-important SMART objectives to measure their performance in the early days. We will also share how to engage candidates through the early days of their career journey with you through regular feedback loops. Your process will be so good, it will positively impact their ability to be effective in role – happy employees are engaged and productive!


Moving employers represents a big life decision for most professionals, bringing the ‘emotional and psychological contract’ to an end is much more complicated than just serving notice.  

A good offboarding programme ensures that moving away from a business like yours won’t be a negative experience. We know that employee experience goes beyond your employees last day and done well, offboarding can place a strong brand advocate out into today’s competitive labour market.

Providing a smooth transition through offboarding periods has a multitude of benefits including maintaining employee wellbeing, better work force planning ability and better-quality handovers. Above all though, a good offboarding allows for the positive relationships built during employment to be maintained long after a contractual end date.

We Can Help You To Get Your Offboarding Process Right By Supporting You In:

  • Building or checking existing policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring that paperwork is complete to make your employee’s departure official and ensure compliance.
  • Ensuring that knowledge is transferred to existing employees/new hires in an efficient way.
  • Communicating effectively to all key stakeholders when an employee is moving on.
  • Assessing the need for rehiring.
  • Understanding how to carry out an effective exit interview and how to implement changes as a result of exit feedback.
  • Understanding how to support your departing employee through the exit process and beyond.

Find out what employees and
HR professionals think about
current wellbeing initiatives and
what they really want from their

Wellbeing Insights

In a climate of uncertainty with rising living costs, a war in Ukraine, an ongoing global pandemic and associated changes in working practices, it is no surprise that employees’ wellbeing is suffering. We wanted to understand employees’ experiences of wellbeing at work and organisations’ positions on wellbeing.
Via a survey of 115 employees, we found that current wellbeing initiatives are not meeting employees’ needs. The majority of employees (74%) wish that their organisation was doing more towards the wellbeing of employees.

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