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Building talent pipelines is the progressive shift from reactive to proactive recruiting. With an engaged and qualified pipeline, no search starts from scratch, drastically reducing costs and hiring time. 

In our approaches to individuals, we discover role and company fit, more profound insights into their suitability for the position compared to other candidates and interest in potentially working for you. The data we gather to create this insight is gained through telephone calls enabling our researchers to understand why individuals are not interested or what potentially would make them interested in working for you.

We will provide you with a pool of interested and prequalified candidates and insightful data and analysis, improving future attraction and role proposition. 

Building on this knowledge, Cogito will create a talent pipelining programme to build long-term engagement with skilled individuals, creating attraction content and a communications strategy to heighten engagement and convert them into applicants. 

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Proactive Approach To Recruitment

Benefits Of Our Talent Pipelining Service:

  • Strengthen your employer brand by making more people aware of your business and why it is great to work for you.
  • Identify and engage with potential hires well before the pressure of filling a live vacancy arises.
  • Reduce recruitment costs and time to hire.
  • Make an emotional connection through sharing employee advocacy and good news stories.
  • Make recruitment more strategic, supporting new sites and planned/anticipated recruitment needs.
  • A proactive approach will help meet recruitment needs and support broader HR initiatives, including employer brand and salary, hierarchies and role benchmarking.
  • It enables both parties to assess each other earlier (before a live vacancy arises) and could shorten recruitment timelines.
  • It gives you more awareness of what candidates want, where they are and how to attract them best.

10 Benefits Of Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a powerful recruitment strategy that is often used in tandem with Talent Pipeline. Forward thinking recruitment teams use Talent Mapping to ensure they never sacrifice their quality of hire just to quickly fill a role. The idea is to analyse your current workforce capabilities against the skills of external talent to reveal gaps and the growth available to your business. Most importantly, Talent Mapping reveals potential candidates that are not currently looking for work. Rather than sitting back and waiting for the ideal candidates to come to you, your organisation can take a proactive and strategic approach in sourcing, engaging, and hiring.

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